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We are Ocean Ready and we have created a family of unique services that deliver unparalleled experiences. By identifying what was holding individuals and families back from enjoying their time at the beach, we were able to mold each service to fill those gaps. Our services can be packaged together or used on their own, allowing each client to have a custom Ocean Ready experience.

Ocean Ready takes pride in offering the highest quality of service through each of its branches, from preparing your home for the ultimate weekend to cleaning your fish after a long day offshore. Whether we are laying out your beach blanket or winterizing your sport fishing boat, we guarantee our experts will deliver an unmatched service. All that’s left to do is enjoy more!

Our Services

Offshore ReadyTM

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Fish ReadyTM

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Boat ReadyTM

Enjoy your boat more! Our team of experts pay close attention to detail, ensuring your boat is always in tip-top shape, and ready to go. We will launch your boat, load your equipment and make sure you have everything you need for your day on the water.

sunset inshore fishing in ocean city maryland
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Inshore ReadyTM

Enjoy inshore fishing more. Much like our offshore services, we will take care of everything that goes into your trip, from start to finish. Our team of experts will prep your boat, bait, and reels, ensuring that you are rigged and ready to go, so you can enjoy more.

person enabling security at beach in ocean city maryland
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Security ReadyTM

Enjoy peace of mind. Let us secure your boat at the marina, your home, or your vacation home. Our trusted staff will secure your space with cameras, motion detectors, sensors for your doors and windows, and many other high-end features, giving you peace of mind.

beachgoers relaxing in ocean city maryland under beach umbrella
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Beach ReadyTM

Enjoy the beach more! No need to spend your vacations toting chairs, umbrellas, and all of your accessories down to the water. We will set up your spot and break it all down at the end of the day. Beach Ready allows you to enjoy your fun in the sun from beginning to end.

four people party on ocean city maryland beach at sunset
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Party ReadyTM

Enjoy the party! We will coordinate and execute the perfect gathering and take care of all of the finer details. Whether on the beach or at a local venue, hosting a party will be something that you look forward to. Let us do the heavy lifting because you have a party to enjoy.

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Condo ReadyTM

Enjoy your condo more! We will keep your condo stocked, clean, and ready for your next trip to the beach or for your next set of guests. Let us take care of keeping fresh linens on the beds, keeping the fridge stocked with your favorite goodies, and making sure you have plenty of sunscreen.

deck chairs set up to enjoy ocean city maryland beach
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House ReadyTM

Enjoy your house more! Let us prep your house for your weekend trip. We will make sure everything is stocked and just the way you like it before you arrive, and we will leave it looking better than how we found it. Enjoy every minute of your stay, while House Ready takes care of the rest.

two dogs playing in sand in ocean city maryland
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Pet ReadyTM

Enjoy your pet more! Pet Ready makes it possible for you to enjoy your vacation, without leaving your furry friend behind. You can check the live stream to see what they are up to, or come by for some fetch. Your pet should enjoy more, too.

enjoying the ocean city maryland skyline
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Getaway ReadyTM

Enjoy everything more. Allow us to take your experience to the next level. Our team will utilize each of our services to give you a true getaway. Ocean Ready will take care of every small detail, giving you a luxurious, unique experience.

inviting ocean front home in ocean city maryland
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Mortgage ReadyTM

Enjoy buying a home. Mortgage Ready is here to help you finance your home. Our team of experts will support and guide you though each step of the home buying process, and make it possible for you to enjoy this exciting journey!

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We will tailor our services to your personal needs, and allow you to enjoy every bit of your experience for maximum enjoyment. If you have any questions, or when are ready to get started, please reach out to our team. We are eager to get you Ocean Ready.

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