Our Mission

Allow clients to maximize relaxation and enjoy more of Ocean City while our team of local experts deliver unparalleled services.

Who We Are, at our core.

How It All Started

Running a business in Annapolis, having a family of nine, and the burning desire to spend time at the beach proved to be challenging for our owners. He fell in love with offshore fishing and his family fell in love with the beach! They wanted to make visiting their second home easier and more enjoyable, and they quickly realized others were battling with the same issue. This is where the idea for Ocean Ready got its start!

In 2019, Mike and Julie decided to take the leap and start laying the groundwork for their new business. Our first employee was hired to take charge of operations, and start rolling out the family of Ocean Ready services.

Our goal since day one has been to support Ocean City and utilize everything it has to offer. Everyone on our team has been hired locally, establishing a knowledgeable, hard-working staff to administer our tailored services. Ocean Ready’s marketing has been outsourced to a local firm, where we brainstorm together and make executive decisions on all things creative, and we pride ourselves in purchasing supplies and materials from other small businesses in the area. We cherish Ocean City and passionately believe that local relationships help to build a strong local economy.

We are excited to grow and expand our business with new ideas and services! Ocean Ready’s objective is to give everyone the opportunity to see Ocean City in a new way and take advantage of its charm.

Our Vision

At Ocean Ready we strive to provide unique, unmatched services to locals and tourists alike. We make it possible for experiences to be enjoyed more now than ever before. While focusing on professionalism and modernization, our professionals deliver these superior experiences with ease. Our services will make it possible for more people to visit, and most importantly, enjoy our area.

What is imporant to us

Be Trustworthy and Reliable

We take pride in providing the absolute highest quality of services so our clients have confidence in choosing our reputable, trustworthy brand, time and time again.

Personalize Experiences

Allowing our clients to enjoy themselves is our number one priority. We tailor our services to fit each client's unique wishes, personalizing their experience from start to finish.

Shop small, shop local

Small businesses are the heart and soul of Ocean City, emanating authenticity and charm. We shop small and shop local every chance we get, supporting our neighbors and other local businesses.

Share Potential

We take advantage of our local knowledge and use it to unlock the true potential of the area for our clients. Ocean Ready makes it possible to deliver an authentic and unique experience that makes them feel at home.

Explore the full family of ocean ready services

Ocean Ready offers a variety of services that make it possible for you to enjoy more! We will tailor our services to your unique wishes and create an experience unlike any other. Get to know our family of services and see how we make it possible for you to enjoy more.

Our Services